Eduardo Amadeu Dutra Moresi

Isabel Pinho


Scientific mapping has a long tradition and several approaches have been proposed, such as journal citation analysis, co-citation analysis, bibliographic coupling and words co-occurrence analysis. This paper explores the authors' keywords co-occurrence analysis to refine bibliographic research. An approach is proposed that starts from a more comprehensive bibliographic search and uses the keyword co-occurrence network analysis to identify pairs of keywords that can be used in the construction of a new search expression to refine the initial search. Two examples of how to use the proposed method are presented. A search was carried out on the Covid-19 keyword, selecting the following refinement options: choosing the subject area of Social Sciences and the documents dealing with education. Regarding the types of documents, papers in journals and conferences were included, in addition to the review documents. Then, the two alternatives proposed for the refinement of the initial bibliographic research are exemplified. It is concluded that the proposed approach highlights the main concepts associated with the researched theme and can also be used, in an exploratory way, to identify concepts pertinent to an information need on a thematic domain.



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Eduardo Amadeu Dutra Moresi, & Isabel Pinho. (2021). Proposed Approach for Refinement of Bibliographic Research. New Trends in Qualitative Research, 9, 11–20. https://doi.org/10.36367/ntqr.9.2021.11-20