Contributions to qualitative research: Study in the design of Maxwell, Flick and Bunge.




Maxwell, Flick, Bunge, Investigation, Design


In an investigation, the design is the basis from which to begin to develop the work, there are various exposed theories that propose different ways to establish or create the design of qualitative research, among the notable ones are those of Maxwell and Flick, turning out to be transcendental to study Bunge because from him is clarified what should be understood by scientific research. Through the following article it is intended to compare and identify the main contributions of each author in the methodological aspect and qualitative research. Through the comparative study of the theories of each author, it is possible to subtract and highlight the components that each one points out as essential for a research design so that, based on this contrast, researchers can consult the design that is more appropriate for their research, or if possible, create their own design based on the elements proposed by Bunge, Maxwell or Flick, adapting the components that they believe are essential to the needs of their own work, since, although the authors propose a design that, from their perspective, is the ideal to carry out and develop an in-depth research work and in the correct way, it is not an obligation for each researcher to follow their designs explicitly, since for each investigation the design that best suits the style that the researcher decides to use or the one that he considers suitable for his own research must be chosen.


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