Volume 11 aggregates works that, having been originally presented at WCQR2022 (held inan online format), went through a double-blind review process. This volume, annually edited (as WCQR is an annual event), allows us, as editors, to condense a diverse set of qualitative research work, focusing on different topics, and with different methodological designs. And, our concern as editors has always been to assure the quality of the published works, namely through a careful review and editing process.


ISSN: 2184-7770

ISBN: 978-989-53731-1-6

Editores: Elizabeth M. Pope, Catarina Brandão and Cedric G. Sanders


Scientific Congresses: What is Our Future?

Elizabeth M. Pope, Catarina Brandão, Cedric G. Sanders

Page: Editorial


The big challenge out here is getting stuff: How the social determinants of health affect diabetes self-management education for seniors

Pilar Camargo-Plazas, Madison Robertson, Idevania Costa, Geneviève Paré, Beatriz Alvarado, Lenora Duhn

Page: e555

The Negative Impact of COVID-19 on Elderly: A Systematic Review

Fraulein Pimentel-Tormon, Michael Joseph S. Diño, Jeffy Francis, Enrika Espiritu, Rinabelle Ricci Garcia, Janta-Utsa Patomchai, Emrat Sasina, Jitsaeng Patwira, Jonnagaddala Jitendra, Joshi Apoorva Madhukar, Juluri Sahith, Kaewpamorn Ukrit, Kulsu Panlapa, Kumluea Chutinun

Page: e543

Health interventions for self-management: the role of qualitative approaches in mixed methods research

Célia Soares, Carla Pereira, Carmen Caeiro, Madalena Gomes da Silva

Page: e548

Bibliographic and content review on the use of technology in people with disabilities during the pandemic

Juan Luis Cabanillas García, Ricardo Luengo González, José Luis Carvalho

Page: e535

Nobody listens, nobody wants to hear you: Access to healthcare/social services for women in Canada

Dr. Pilar Camargo-Plazas, Ms. Jennifer Waite, Ms. Michaela Sparringa, Ms. Martha Whitfield, Dr. Lenora Duhn

Page: e554