Vol. 16 (2023): Qualitative Research: Practices and Challenges

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The current issue of New Trends in Qualitative Research, holds such an interdisciplinary focus. The manuscripts found in Volume 16 herein show that qualitative methodology is not exclusive to a specific area; rather different qualitative methods are useful and effective for different fields of study. What defines the relevance of methodological choices are the objectives set by the researcher. In the same way that society is moving towards interdisciplinarity, it is necessary that similar progress is made in research designs. To this end, the scientific community can be nourished by the different methodological options offered by qualitative methodology and the wide range of existing techniques. The present volume of NTQR can contribute to thinking about and implementing this interdisciplinarity, by serving as a showcase for studies of various areas which complement each other.


ISSN: 2184-7770

ISBN: 978-989-53731-5-4


Elizabeth M. Pope; Catarina Brandão; Kyle Bower; Sonia Verdugo-Castro

Published: 2023-08-08